The debut of Kelly Cae Hogan (Turandot) was vocally outstanding and extremely convincing.

— Kieler Nachrichten


Virginia OperaOpera North, Leeds, England
Ho jo to ho
Ho jo to ho
Todesverkündigung Part 1
Todesverkündigung Part 2
Act 3 entrance
Act 3 entrance

“Kelly Cae Hogan was a revelation, handling her magnificent, quintessentially Wagnerian part with great power and assurance in a performance that at times was viscerally exciting.” The Washington Times

“From her first entrance she embodied the strength, defiance and wisdom of Brünnhilde with an implausible ease. Clearly a stage animal, Hogan’s balmy, and on occasion fiery, timbre soared through the hall from the floorboards to the rafters.” Opera Brittania

“Musically the performance was nothing less than a sensation from the first… The cast is uniformly strong with Kelly Cae Hogan, the substitute Brünnhilde, giving an account of her role of a calibre that I had given up hope of ever hearing again…” Michael Tanner for The Spectator